Perspective colors the way we see that traffic stop

Editorial by Clay Lambert, Half Moon Bay Review, June 2, 2021

"The evidence is overwhelming, from the Stanford Open Policing Project, which considered more than 39 million traffic stops in California and “found significant racial disparities in policing,” to a Los Angeles Times analysis of data that found Black and Latino people are more likely to be searched following a stop but less likely to have contraband than white people."

"This is merely meant to point out that your perspective on the Jimenez traffic stop is likely colored by the color of your skin and how that has affected your life. ... All you have to do to see the differing ways we react to these things is to follow the Half Moon Bay Review on Facebook. The comments to our story there are telling. Overwhelmingly, defenders of the Sheriff’s Office appear to be white; those who think Jimenez was targeted appear to be primarily people of color for whom such discrimination is commonplace."

"Sadly, none of this is new. One thing has changed, though. Increasingly, people like Jimenez are seeking public office and finding themselves in a position to effect change. Time will tell whether his constituents are ready for it."

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Click here to read the Jimenez-Rarback Report on Policing and Public Safety in Half Moon Bay

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