Below are some of the community leaders and organizations that have already endorsed Joaquin.

Scroll down further to see what people in the community are saying in support of Joaquin. 

If you too support his candidacy, you can add your own endorsement - your neighbors need to hear from you!

  • Marc Berman, California State Assembly member

  • Robert Brownstone, current Vice-Mayor, HMB City Council

  • Deborah Penrose, current HMB City Councilmember

  • Harvey Rarback, current HMB City Councilmember

  • Emily Beach, Mayor of Burlingame

  • Ron Collins, Mayor of San Carlos

  • Michael Brownrigg, former Mayor of Burlingame, current Burlingame City Councilmember

  • Mike Ferreira, former HMB City Councilmember

  • Rick Kowalcyzk, former Mayor of Half Moon Bay

  • John Keener, former Mayor of Pacifica, Director Emeritus on the Board of Peninsula Clean Energy 

  • Sophia Layne, Cabrillo Unified School District Governing Board

  • Lizet Cortes, Cabrillo Unified School District Governing Board

  • Ray Mueller, Menlo Park City Councilmember

  • John Richards, Portola Valley Town Councilmember

  • Larry Moody, East Palo Alto Councilmember

  • ​Cliff Lentz, Brisbane City Councilmember

  • Sara Polgar, Half Moon Bay Planning Commission

  • Pat Black, Chair, Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation Commission

  • Evelyn Erickson, Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation Commission​​

  • Claire Toutant MD, Midcoast Community Councilmember

  • Dan Haggerty, Midcoast Community Councilmember

  • Barbra Mathewson, Midcoast Community Councilmember

  • Willa Chapman, General Manager, Sea Horse Ranch

  • Steven R. Booker, Political Director and Community Affairs Liaison for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 617*

  • Dr. Belinda Hernandez Arriaga, Executive Director & Founder of ALAS, USF Faculty

  • Lennie Roberts, Legislative Advocate, Green Foothills*

  • Lilli Rey, Bay Area Border Relief

  • Francisco Herrera, SF Community leader

  • Tony Serrano, Yanira Serrano Presente

  • Eric DeBode, Founder and Executive Director of Abundant Grace

  • Alice Linsmeier, Latino Advisory Council, ALAS Board of Directors

* Title and organization for identification purposes only

  • The Half Moon Bay Review

  • Harpo Marx, Owner, Cafe Society

  • Desi Sanchez, Owner, Half Moon Bay Bakery

  • RJ Jennings & Stacy McCarthy, Owners, Palette 17

  • Ajash & Edith Bharati, Owners, Evangeline Cuisine

  • Kathy Bristol, Owner, Personal FX

  • Chris Cheeseman, Owner, San Benito House 

  • Oscar Garcia, Owner, Mercado Mi Familia


Watch and Listen

Hear what people in the community are saying in support of Joaquin. 

If you would like to record and contribute your own statement of support, please follow this link.


See what people in the community are saying in support of Joaquin. 

If you would like to add your own statement of support, please follow this link.

"I endorse and support Joaquin's candidacy for City Council of Half Moon Bay.  He tells the truth, his vision is expansive and inclusive, and moves us AS A COMMUNITY, forward into better and equal educational opportunities, environmental responsibility and accountability, and seeks the balance between fiscal and human priorities and needs.  He has love of his community, without excluding others, and is fearless in his love and support of it.  Joaquin has proven over decades that he walks the walk the way no one else in our community has.  Joaquin Jimenez is what Half Moon Bay should be: he IS Half Moon Bay."  -  Willa Chapman, General Manager at Sea Horse Ranch, Half Moon Bay

"Joaquin Jimenez is a collaborative leader uniquely able to give direct voice to our LatinX community in our City's strategic direction and infrastructure, as well as to serve our overall Coastside's best interests.  With Joaquin on our City Council, Half Moon Bay will be taking a big step toward true equity and justice for all."   -  Sophia Layne, Cabrillo Unified School District Governing Board, Half Moon Bay

"Joaquin will bring an important voice and cultural perspective to contribute to the common good and goals of the whole community."  -  Erin Tormey, Farmer & Farmers' Market Director, Unincorporated San Mateo County

"It is important to get Latino representation on our local government agencies, including the city council, and Joaquin will be an outstanding city council member."   -   TJ Glauthier, Clean Energy Advisor , Unincorporated San Mateo County

""I am supporting Joaquin because he represents all the people in our community and works to bring us all together. He not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He truly listens and has unique ideas to help our city become more sustainable and inclusive for all people.  He shows he cares just by being who he is, whether it be handing out food to farmworkers or making dinners for those who can't afford it. We need diversity on our council but not anyone who makes it diverse: we need Joaquin!"   -  Roberta Gelt, Psychotherapist (retired), Half Moon Bay

"I have known Joaquin for over 20 years and he has become a good friend to me and many people in Half Moon Bay. He is a smart, good man that truly cares about our community and has proven that by his many years of community service and engagement. He is focused on bringing the community together and finding long-lasting solutions to many problems we face on the coast. His involvement with the large Latinx population in Half Moon Bay will also bring more fair representation to the table. Joaquin will be a great asset to city council."  -  Desi Sanchez, Owner, Half Moon Bay Bakery

"I am supporting Joaquin because I know him as a thoughtful civic leader who is a community bridge builder. It is time for diverse representation in our government at all levels. I'm thrilled we have such a strong candidate running a historic campaign."  -  Stacy McCarthy, Executive Coach, Half Moon Bay

"I have faith that Joaquin will make Half Moon Bay a better place for all, and also that his leadership and community outreach will ripple well beyond the Coastside. "   -  Rae Abileah, non-profit consultant, editor, activist, restaurant manager, and Jewish faith leader, El Granada

"Joaquin Jimenez can relate to all people. You need a person to meet the needs of the community, and Joaquin Jimenez is your person. He is honest and will listen to you."   -  Dorothy Reyes, retired (Stockton), Half Moon Bay

"Joaquin is truly engaged with and listening to us, his future constituents, already, and I know he will continue to do this with sensitivity as our council member. And he is clearly a creative problem-solver, focused on bringing the community together for sustainable solutions to the challenges we face around housing, traffic and small business support in challenging economic times. He cares for HMB deeply and has an acute appreciation for its heritage and a bright and inspiring outlook for its futures. And I think he’s got the right set of skills to get this work done!"  -  Corinna Liebowitz, Attorney , Half Moon Bay

"He is for the people. I believe he will do good for the community."  -  Gabriella Bateman, Dentist, Half Moon Bay

"We need someone Hispanic to talk for our community."  -  Delman Meda, Housewife, Half Moon Bay

"Joaquin has a proven track record of supporting and representing the Latinx community on the coast.  He will be an asset to the City Council in providing a fair representation to a large number of HMB families."  -  John Moseley, El Granada, ex Governing Board member for CUSD and current President of the Immigrant Advocacy Group Steering Committee

"I really like the way Joaquin is so deeply connected to the community, and has a lot of experience finding ways to make life better for everyone in Half Moon Bay. It's so good to hear a candidate for office put such strong emphasis on equity and sustainability, it makes me optimistic about our country and our future again."  -  Phil Marshall, Scientist, Half Moon Bay

"We need more Latinos in local government, and I also believe Joaquin will be the right candidate to help increase Latinx civic engagement."  -  Cecilia Penaloza, Community Engagement Coordinator, Half Moon Bay

"I support Joaquin for Councilmember because Half Moon Bay City Council needs leaders who represent all of us and reflect the diversity that we have on the coast. I am inspired by his ability to bring people together to solve problems, and his tireless commitment to our community."   -   Seth R Wilson, Engineering Manager, El Granada

"Through my work in the Coastside Community, I believe that Joaquin will make an excellent Council Member because he cares about our entire community, is honest, hard working, has done so much already to prove his leadership on the Coastside, gets things done and follows through on what he says he will do. He is the type of person that we would want on the City Council!"  -  Karen M. Larson, Former RotaCare Coastside Clinic Administrator, currently retired, El Granada

"Joaquin has and continues to demonstrate his commitment community. He is committed to making decisions that support and uplift our diverse community. I agree, It's Time!"  -  RJ Jennings, Executive Coach, Half Moon Bay

"I am excited about Joaquin and his support for the community and environment of HMB, and emphasis on all of us supporting each other."  -  Beth Squiers, Consulting, Half Moon Bay

"Not only do I think it is time for our community to have Latino representation but Joaquin has been a massive part of our community and has done the work to improve it. Having a him as a member of the City Council can only do good for our city!"  -  Carina, Cashier, Half Moon Bay

"I am supporting Joaquin because of his position on tourism on weekends and closing our beaches during this COVID-19 pandemic. He has articulated a rational approach to address community safety issues during the rising cases here in Half Moon Bay among our most vulnerable populations here on the coast. He is putting community safety first!"  -  Leslie Meyer, Retired First Administrator of the Coastside Adult Day Health Center, Half Moon Bay

"Porque es visionario"  -  Pati Ramírez, Ama de casa , Half Moon Bay

"Joaquin has a solid record of community involvement, especially with the Latino community."  -  Richard Klein, Retired, El Granada

"I'm voting for Joaquin because his actions clearly show that he's a community leader. He cares about Half Moon Bay and for everyone living here."  -  Malinda Marshall, Physical Therapist , Half Moon Bay

"He gives me faith because he helps the community. I want to vote for him for a big change."  -  Gabriela , Home Mom, Half Moon Bay

"Joaquin is dedicated and passionate about serving his community. His love for service shines brightly in his work on the Coastside. I look forward to all that he will do as he embarks on this journey. Much love to you Joaquin!"  -  Mary Bier , City Councilmember, Pacifica

“I support Joaquin because he cares so deeply about Half Moon Bay, and has worked tirelessly for great causes that serve the entire community. He helped start a new scholarship fund for HMB High School students, passionately advocated for the new library when others were pushing against it, and so much more.”  -  Rick Kowalczyk, former Mayor of Half Moon Bay

"Vote for Joaquin. He will balance our council, so more of our diverse community can be represented."  -  Sally Benson, retired, Half Moon Bay