Newest HMB councilman brings new perspective

Jimenez grateful for support - by Vanessa Ochavillo, HMB Review, November 11, 2020

"Political first-timer Joaquin Jimenez won a seat on the Half Moon Bay City Council in the Nov. 3 general election. He garnered 61.4 percent of the votes for the District 3 seat, beating incumbent Mayor Adam Eisen."

"On the campaign trail, Jimenez said he would govern from his first-hand experience providing services to essential workers and offer a perspective rarely represented on City Council. His leadership comes amid nationwide calls for equity for working families and people of color who have been especially hard hit by the pandemic."

“I feel very honored to be elected as the first Latino, Mexicano, to the City Council. I feel very grateful for all the support across the community, and it was support from not just the Latinos but from everybody. That tells me that we have una comunidad unida — a very supportive community,” said Jimenez.

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