Jimenez will bring needed viewpoint to HMB City Hall

Endorsement, Half Moon Bay Review Editorial Board

"Jimenez isn’t just the Latino candidate; he’s the candidate best positioned to understand and represent people in the city who have never been represented like this.

"This is not to say we have no confidence in [Adam] Eisen. ... . Our only real point of contention in our interview was his suggestion that Half Moon Bay needed more San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies — to direct traffic. (Jimenez seemed more sensitive to the national moment, suggesting trained social service workers respond to emergencies when the particular call suggests more nuance than a gun and a badge.)

"Jimenez will bring a fresh perspective to City Hall."

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Note on HMB Review endorsements. The editorial board of the Half Moon Bay Review consists of Publisher Debra Hershon and Editorial Director Clay Lambert. together they interview candidates for local office and consider local ballot measures. The board's endorsements are featured on Review editorial pages in the weeks leading up to the November election. 

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